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Mindful tutoring for success in math and life

Founded by Mike Mossey, Caltech graduate. Serving Pasadena and the surrounding communities.

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A supportive approach to math success

You can learn from your mistakes.

The pressure is off! I'll help your child to relax and accept mistakes as a natural part of the learning process.

Math is creative!

Many students believe that solving a math problem is about using the one and only correct method. I'll teach your child that most problems have many possible paths to the solution.

imagination and intuition are part of problem solving.

Most math teaching in schools is focused on the hard facts of math. I’ll explore together with your child how they think about math: Do they use their visual imagination? Do they use words? I’ll help them develop “math sense”—using intuition to seek answers.


Find Your Path To Math Clarity

I teach all high school math subjects, including algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, precalculus, and calculus.

I can focus on the following areas

Catch Up

Review material from prior classes, and improve any weak areas.

Test & Homework Help

Prepare for a test by reviewing areas of strength and clearing up confusion. Prepare for standardized testing like the SAT. Focus on homework.

Improved Learning Style

Learn wiser, smarter problem solving. Get better study habits, and learn to organize your thoughts and your notes.

About Mike Mossey

Mike founded Path to Math Clarity on the strength of his experience both in mathematics and in teaching.
Feel free to contact Mike.

Caltech graduate

After teaching himself competitive math in high school and winning one of the ten scholarships in the 1987 Westinghouse Science Talent Search, Mike went on to receive a degree in computer science from Caltech.

Experienced NASA software engineer

Mike worked at NASA-JPL for sixteen years, where he deepened his understanding of math and science.

Creative teacher

Mike's method of math teaching is influenced by the way musicians and artists work, calling on both left and right sides of the brain. In addition to tutoring, he's also a composer and artist.


My son appreciates that Mike takes his time and makes sure he understands. Mike's end result is wanting my son to master the subject, and Mike finds methods to calm his nerves.

Gina, mother of 11th grade math student

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Mike is an excellent tutor. My son has been working with him and he has gained interest and confidence in solving problems and learning new concepts. His grade has improved and he has become passionate about mathematics.

Chandran, father of 7th grade math student

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I've been working with Mike for six months. He's serious about teaching, looks for solutions and is always patient. He teaches to different styles based on the needs of the student. Mike has improved my ability to do math to another level.

Ed, actor

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